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For a full copy of our Services and prices, click here to open a pdf for TBBS PC Repairs.


What we can do to help you:

PC Service:

  • Inspect/remove unwanted programmes
  • (We call you before removing any programmes, unless 100% sure)
  • Remove un-necessary Start up items (to speed up your computer)
  • We don’t touch your personal files – documents, photos, video, emails, internet history
  • Check that Windows software is current
  • Check that AntiVirus software is current
  • Check Antivirus settings
  • Check for software conflicts
  • PC desktop cleanup – Dust inside case, fans, heatsinks and check cables
  • Check Hard Drive for issues/potential problems.  Run diagnostic & repair tools
  • Check for and remove Malware/Spyware/Trojans
  • Delete temporary file fragments
  • Run Defragmenter programme to free space and speed up

External hard drives and thumb (USB/Pen) drives: 
Scan for virus/malware/trojans/spyware
Remove and repair damage

Inspection fee:
*Only charged if we check your computer and find that it is unable or not worth fixing

Recover deleted information (Basic data recovery):
To increase your chance of retrieval of files from your computer, external drive or camera, it is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL that you DO NOT do anything else on your computer!!!
No internet, No emails, No Programmes AT ALL!!!

Installation of Hardware: 
Eg    Adding extra RAM
Adding extra Memory/Hard Drive
Setting up printer, scanner, camera etc

 Computer Training: 
Eg    Microsoft Office
General PC use
Safe internet use

    Computer Troubleshooting: 
Eg     Internet problems
Printer problems

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